This is why Akshay Kumar is a 'True Hero' in Real life!

New Delhi: Apart from all the major Bollywood actors, Akshay Kumar has made his own space in the hearts of people. The simple nature of the actor has attracted a huge fan following. Besides of being a family person, 'Akki' is also a true countryman as he steps forward to help the needy no matter how hard the situation is.

Akshay doesn't belong from Bollywood background, the actor struggled and worked hard to achieve this position in today's date. In his early age, Akki moved to Bangkok and ran a food stall. He later came back to Bombay and was offered his first film Sangharsh in 1991. However, the film did not do well but that did not bother him and Akshay finally took his place as 'Khiladi' in Bollywood.

Unlike other actors, Akshay frequently visits soldiers and spend time with them. The actor recently shared a video on his social accounts, proposing an idea of a website for people who wish to help families of martyred soldiers financially to which home ministry has given a positive response. Apart from this, to help the drought-hit Maharashtrian farmers, Akshay gave a financial aid of Rs 90 lakh to 180 families of farmers who had committed suicide. Not just the contribution of Rs 50 lakh to Salman's 'Being Human' charitable trust, Akshay also donated Rs 1 crore to Chennai's flood relief.

Many people are unaware that the actor has launched a martial arts school to provide free self-defence training to women in Mumbai and hs trained upto 4000 women. Akshay sang and shot a music video of the Punjabi devotional song, and the profit earned was donated to the victims of the train bombings in MumbaI in 2006. To support low-budget films, Akshay launched a production house in 2011 named 'Grazing Goats Pictures'.

The all-rounder actor does films to inspire people and not to earn money. Films like Holiday, Baby, Rustom, Airlift etc has created his new image in the industry. His performance as Indian Naval Officer in Rustom has been lucky for Akshay and he has now been declared the National Best Actor.