This is what your car headlights will do in future

This is what your Mercedes-Benz headlights will do in future.

Key points of the innovative Future ready headlamps showcased by Mercedes-Benz are:

► providing high-resolution light distribution

► constantly adapt to the surrounding conditions

► detect other road users and facilitate adjustment of the lights

► adjust light for the oncoming traffic or pedestrians

► highlight Zebra Crossings and other signs on road for the driver as well as the pedestrian safety

► It’s a cluster of multiple LED setup

► each HD headlights consists over 1 million adjustable micro-mirrors per light

► the headlights can even project messages like direction arrows or warnings onto the road

► no separate high and low beam modes

Speaking on the occasion Mercedes-Benz engineering chief Gunter Fischer said “The decisive factor is not the technology in the headlamp but the digital intelligence behind it,”

Here is a video preview of the Mercedes-Benz DIGITAL LIGHT


The new DIGITAL LIGHT technology by Mercedes-Benz not only focuses on the detailed road view of the Mercedes owner but it has been developed keeping in mind the road visibility of the fellow motorists and pedestrians. Keeping in mind the fact that over 75% of road accidents happen after the sun goes down, we consider this a great change for night time driving’s future. We expect this technology to make it to their vehicles by 2018.

This step by Mercedes-Benz team could lead result in more manufacturers developing similar technology which focus on aspects like safety, visibility and the light adaptability for the drivers, pedestrians and fellow motorists.

For future plans, Mercedes-Benz feels the smart system will be able to project light to communicate with others on road for eg- projecting a zebra crossing onto the road so that pedestrians see the safe spot to cross the road, in hazardous conditions it could even project directional arrows and warnings on the road. How cool would that be!!!!