This is what Shahid wants Misha to be in future!

New Delhi: Bollywood couple's daughter Misha has become famous and definitely has way more fans than papa Shahid.  However the baby is few months old, this hasn't stopped the actor’s fans from hoping that she will grow up and follow in her daddy’s footsteps.

During a child education, Shahid was asked whether he expects Misha to become an actor like him. To which Shahid replied by recalling how his parents would tell him to pursue whatever he wants and it is not necessary for him to follow their steps as the couple also came from the Bollywood background. Similarly, he doesn’t want to restrict Misha’s options in any way and would support her in whatever she decides to do.

"Parents should not burden their children with their expectations and that they should support, love and encourage them instead," Shahid added. The doting daddy expressed that he wants to see Misha happy doing what she wants to do. He concluded by saying that his happiness lies in her happiness.