This is the BIGGEST secret of Dhoni!

Trisha Malhotra, New Delhi, Nov 18: Mahendra Singh Dhoni's flamboyance is founded on an inexplicably cool and calculated head and there seems to be no doubt about it. Regarded as one of the the country's most renowned cricketers, Dhoni has always played his cards close to his chest. His foundation has been a clear-sighted decision in equal measure for cricket and in no time did he raise the stakes against his opponents. 
Rising from completely tough situations and struggles, MS Dhoni has reformed the Indian cricket team and has given excessive meaning and pride to the game. Born in Ranchi, Bihar, Dhoni had played well with his very own destiny of being a superstar.

Initially, excelling in sports like badminton and football, he was sent to play cricket for a local club by his coach. It was then that the versatility and efficiency of the player ticked off his success. Impressing the crowd with his wicket-keeping skills, Dhoni rode towards his stardom in no time! 
Struggling through his rigid opposition from his father towards his priority of the game over studies, Dhoni was put as a Travelling Ticket Examiner at the Kharangpur railway station from 2001-2003. Despite his dreams coming to an end, Dhoni worked and fought for his passion through thick and thin over time and grabbed the opportunities that stood in his way. 

Where he pulled off a job while his heart lied somewhere else, Dhoni burnt the midnight oil to meet his achievements and passion. It was within 2001, where he was selected to play the Duleep Trophy for the East Zone and it was then that the spark of his career took a flight!

With his consistency and unbelievable zeal towards the sport, MS Dhoni made his ODI debut for the National team on December 23, 2004, against Bangladesh. Other than his marvelous skills, his traits of being a captain were put out in open with his record-breaking performances. He went on to serve as the caption of the Indian ODI team from 2007 and 2016.


Known for his aggressive playing style, he is revered as one of the best "finishers" in the limited over format of the game. What really made Dhoni's existence an essence to the team was India's winning the first World Cup after 28 years in 2011! There was no better captain in the game’s shorter forms than Dhoni during his time. He is the only skipper to have won all three major trophies — the World Cup, the World Twenty20 and the Champions Trophy. 

In the art of managing finite innings, Dhoni had no equation with the others. Today, the legacy Dhoni bequeaths Virat Kohli is a team secure in its skin, certain it can win from any position. However, MS Dhoni will always be known for his excellent attacking right-handed middle-order batsman skills and wicket-keeper. A story of MS Dhoni has come as an inspiration to many who have always dreamt big but are unable to reach heights. A remarkable and a fond memory of Dhoni's achievements will always enlighten the aura and meaning of cricket in the history!