This Gujrati chailwala has 4000000000 rupees

Bhupendra Singh, Surat: The state is same. Both are `chailwalas'. The difference being that one is leading the war against black money, while the other allegedly has a lot of black money. Yes, this second famous chaiwala has assets worth Rs 400 crore. This was revealed during a Income Tax raid,after which even the IT officials were in state of shock. His name is Kishore Bhajiyawala, a Surat-based tea seller.   What IT officials found when they opened 8  bank lockers of Bhajiyawala:- Jewellery worth Rs 2.50 crore- 13 kg gold- 180 kg silver- Rs 1 crore cash, Rs 90 lakh in new currency- Rs 5, Rs 10, Rs 50 notes were also found- Kisan Vikas Patra valued at Rs 4.50 lakhIncriminating documents too were seized during the raid. Papers show that Bhajiyawala was also a money lender, and made huge money by means of interest. He has 30 accounts in 3 different banks.After the note ban, he had deposited Rs 1.5 crore in one of his account. This brought him on IT radar, and investigations started.Initial probe revealed that, he had transferred a large part of his money from one account to other via cheques.    Bhajiyawala had come to Surat about 31 years ago, and use to sell a cup of tea for 25 paise.Gradually he moved to gold business, and it is here that he came in touch with influential people, including politicians.Sources say that after the note ban, he was openly converting black money into white for a commission of 15%. The IT officials are still investigating his source of immense wealth.IT officials also say that Bhajiyawala used religion also to launder money. According to sources, he had set up the Jalaram temple in Udhna and started a trust in the temple’s name. He had claimed that it was meant for social welfare, in practice he used the trust to convert black money to white. The temple property is estimated at Rs 3 crore. The trust documents are now also being investigated. (News24Bureau)