This Bollywood actress had a crush on Suniel Shetty

New Delhi, Sep 6: Suniel Shetty certainly has a macho personality and many of his female co stars have turned weak in the knees. Anna certainly had a big fan following and he was a big hit specially with his heroines.

Now there was one heroine who ha a crush on Sunil Shetty.The said actress was his co-star in many films and sources said that she had an infatuation for him.

This actress was none other than the tall and sultry Sonali Bendre. Sonali was very fond of Suniel and wanted to marry him. But Suniel was a happily married man. His wife Mana was his childhood friend and the two had a great married life.

Sonali knew that she whould be disturbing his marrie life and chose to walk away from him. Even veteran actor Govinda had confessed that if Suniel Shetty were not married then Sonali and Suneil would have got married.

The Shetty couple is a happily married one and have two children.  Suniel is a black belt in Full Contact Kick Boxing, Sunil Shetty specializes in action sequences and comic genre. He is blessed with two children Ahan and Athiya who are trying their luck in Bollywood.

Suniel has a successful production company called Popcorn Entertainment Ltd.His company also organizes and promotes world tours and concerts featuring Bollywood actors and performers. Sunil Shetty also has a hotel chain specializing in Udupi cuisine. Anna is an enterpreneur now and has launched his own clothing line Mischief recently.