This actress in bath towel suffers Oops moment in full public view

New Delhi:  Well difficult to say it was a publicity stunt or an `accident'. But yes actress Chloe Ferry almost flashed far too much  than what she would have wanted. All this while she was trying to carry a box to her- in just a towel.

It seems that the job was too important, that's why she came out in a tiny towel.

Geordie Shore star was caught on camera with a hair towel covering her damp hair,  a tiny towel barely managing to cover her figure, as she moved towards her car.

The star, struggling while carrying the box,  suddenly dropped the box.. fake eyelashes  and other things spilled out. She looked embarrassed .

Then came the oops moment..she barely managed to cover her modesty. After the incident she was brave enough to laugh at her mistake.

Well, then another one followed. While standing up on her feet she exposed her back to the world. She surely needs a cover-up training. (News24Bureau)