This actor hates Kangana!

Mumbai: The 'Fashion' star Kangana Ranaut is known for her outstanding performances in her recent hits for years like tanu and Manu, Queen etc. But the actress is not completely given proper attention by a popular Bollywood actor and her upcoming movie co-star Shahid Kapoor. The two stars can't even share an eye to eye.

Moreover to add to the misery, matters have worsened over the last few weeks after Kangana made some random comments and took several jibes at her Rangoon co-star to which Shahid reacted by hitting back at Kangana.

According to a report in DNA, "Shahid doesn't want Kangana to be around him even during promotions. He has asked the PR team to schedule things in such a way that he only does individual interviews and not group ones with her."

All this happened after Shahid and Kangana's awkwardness was visible during a group interview with film journalist Film Companion. Shahid is seen giving Kangana the royal ignore throughout the 20 minute video.