Thieves leave handwritten note to homeowner of what they stole

Houston, In a bizzare incident, a pair of thieves who broke into a home in the US state of Texas and swiped electronic equipment left behind notes confessing to the crime in child-like handwriting.

The burglary took place in southwest Houston on Monday after the uneducated robbers entered the house while homeowners were out for the day.

They ransacked the place, stealing a PlayStation off a mantle in the living room and then going upstairs to take laptop, reported today.

Joseph Alvarado and his daughter came home to find the front door ajar and to their surprise discovered the two badly written notes scrawled in child's handwriting and littered with misspellings.

One of the letters stated: "I stole your suffe (sic) because my borther (sic) told me not to." 

The other note started out with the word "We" crossed out. The writer then scrawled, "I broke in...haha...and took your PS3, controlers (sic), games, and a kid haha."

Alvarado was emotionally crushed after reading the childish letters because he teaches special education to middle-school kids.

Because of the child-like nature of the handwriting and grammar, he suspects the pair may be children.