These top Bollywood celebs turned politicians!

New Delhi, Sept 3: Where, in terms of heaps of shutterbugs and glamour, Bollywood generates the path of stardom, Politics, on the other hand, raise power at a national level. It is known that many B-town actors have yearned for powerful political dominance and have tried their best to outreach for it regardless of their acting career. 

Here are some 10 actors who entered Politics:

1. Govinda 

Being an A-lister when it comes to comedy in Bollywood, Govinda is known for his hilarious attempts in the world of cinema. Where, he suffered myriads of box office in 2000's, he entered politics as a member of Indian National Congress. He was also an MP from the Mumbai North Constituency from 2004-2009. However, with reports of his irregular and bad work, he was highly criticized for this incapability to reach out to his electorate during 2005 floods in Mumbai. However, he changed his track and set back to movies after he decide not to contest elections in 2009.


Versatile actor who has always won millions of hearts is known for his explicit acting skills. Known as 'The living legend from Punjab', Dharmendra had won 'Dream Girl' of cinema. Titles like 'The son of the soil', 'The original Action Hero', 'The Veeru of Sholay' have been stuck to his name. Other than being a successful actor, Dharmendra has been a strong impact on politics. He was a Member of Parliament from the Bikarmer constituency in Rajasthan from the Bharatiya Janata Party. 

3. Jaya Bachchan

Wife of superstar, Amitabh Bachchan, Jaya has been one of the most popular and renowned actresses in the film industry. Awarded with the Padma Shri by Government of India, Jaya has been very active in the field of politics. Jaya Bachchan was elected as a Member of Raja Sabha from the Samajwadi Party.

4. Shabana Azmi

Bollywood actress who is known for her excellent performances in hits like 'Ankur', 'Arth', 'Masoom', 'Godmother' and many more has also spread her wings as a social activist and politics. A five-time winner of National Film Award for 'Best Actress', she has worked for many causes like child survival, AIDS, slum dwellers etc. In politics, she was nominated to the Rajya Sabha in 1997 for her extraordinary work over many years and remains active till date.

5. Vinod Khanna

Hero of 1970's, Vinod Khanna had heaps of female fan following for his looks and amazing acting. He entered politics in 1997, when he joined Bharatiya Janata Party. Elected from the Gurdaspur constituency in Punjab in 1999, he was the Union Minister for culture and tourism and later, ministry of external affairs (MEA) as minister of state too. He won 2004 re-election but lost out in the year 2009 for the same constituency.