These pre-workout rituals will give you slimmer body

New Delhi: Warming up is vital for a decent workout experience. From eating right to stretching, those couple of minutes before you head on to the treadmill can offer you some assistance in making the most out of your workout. 


Whether you are a athlete or a regular gym person, remember these tips for rigorous workout:


Planning to get in the Zone: 2 or 3 minutes before

Though physical planning for a workout is imperative, having the right mindset before hitting the gym will offer you a more satisfying workout.

Imagine your routine in your mind, go through the motions, and mentally let yourself know how you will go about your workout. That way, you'll be in the right mindset when you start.


Have a small meal an hour beforehandEat small meal composed of complex carbs 30-60 minutes prior to your workout. This will help you to train longer and harder without experiencing low blood sugar levels and unsteadiness.


Hydrate your bodyWater is an essential nutrient that is critical for optimal physical performance, elimination of byproducts from body, maintenance of electrolytic balance and maintenance of normal body temperature.Drink adequate quantity of water before exercising to hydrate your body and balance the electrolytes. 

Pre-workout supplements Pre workout supplements can heighten focus and provide an energy boost.These supplements contains caffeine and proteins that help the veins and arteries to dilate and increase the blood flow. Take them 30 minutes prior to the workout so to get the maximum results.


StretchingStretching relaxes your muscles and promotes flexibility, as opposed to having tight muscles. Stretching before a workout also decreases the chance of pulling or tearing a muscle.Keep these tips in your mind and we assure you that you will get most out of your gym session.