These pics will make you want to save water!

Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink!


What existed as a rhyme till about some years back, has become an apt way of displaying the global scenario of water across the world. 



Well, everyone is aware of the fact that water is an inevitable part of our living, yet humans have been showcasing callous behaviour towards the natural resource, endangering its availability for further use.



There has been a significant rise in the activities undertaken by the humans to support their extravagant living. Be it America, Middle eastern countries or Australia, everywhere the picture is the same.



Heavy industrial affluents are released by leading manufacturers into the lakes and rivers, polluting the water body. As a result, in spite of being surrounded by water, one cannot consume it.



Such is the irony of the situation. The greed of humans has extinguished freshwater supplies for the people all across the globe. Hence, there is water everywhere, but not a drop to drink.



Why should the poor pay the price of the rich? Why should a person with limited resurces pay a fortune to buy water that can be consumed to quench the thirst? Isn't it a part of the eco-system?



Every year, there are millions of people dying of thirst as freshwater is not available. They drink filthy water that ultimately collapses their immune system and gives rise to water-borne diseases. 



On this World Water Day, while the activists are addressing the issue of water and jobs, one must delve into the issue of the condition of the water. One should spare a minute or two, to analyse the prevailent situation of the consumption and use of water. 



Our concern today will definitely cultivate into a better future, saving the lives of many who otherwise might succumb to the water borne diseases and hazards created by the rich.


News 24 Bureau