These celebs like to sleep without clothes!

As you may have already heard, the hotter-than-fire John Abraham goes to bed in the nude.

Call it a habit or trying out a new trend, celebrities these days are opting to go to bed in nothing but their own skin. Some of these many celebrities have even taken to their social networking handles to share some pictures.

Jacqueline Fernandez

The actress revealed in a special interview that she loves going to bed with the bare minimum.

Padma Lakshmi

The television host who stripped down for Allure Magazine said that she likes to sleep in the nude when in her own space.

Amy Jackson

British bombshell Amy Jackson set temperatures soaring on Valentine’s Day, when she posted a rather daring picture of herself lying in bed, in the nude!

Marilyn Monroe

When asked what she wore to bed, the timeless diva once said, "Chanel No.5."

Miranda Kerr

Super model Miranda Kerr often poses topless for several magazine spreads. Forget sleeping naked at night, Miranda just loves 'being naked'

One Direction

The One Direction boys too admitted that after wearing boxers and skinny jeans all day, at night they revealed that they like to let 'it' hang loose and go au naturel.

Shay Mitchell

The stunning Canadian television star has gone as far as posting pictures of herself on social media that 'reveal' her preference of nude-sleeping.

Poonam Pandey

Poonam Pandey who never falls short of grabbing eyeballs did so once again when she revealed that she slept nude. The actress used her social networking handle to let fans and followers in on the raunchy details. Her tweet read, “Sleep naked because you never know who you might meet in your dreams.”