'The Space Between Us' very universal: Director

Los Angeles, Feb 9 (IANS) Director Peter Chelsom says his latest film "The Space Between Us" is a big movie and is very universal in its theme.

"When people ask me what the story is, when you get to a line or two people go wow, it's kind of fun because a lead astronaut on a mission to Mars doesn't realise she is pregnant and that's where people go wow, so you have already got a good hook. That's an unusual premise," Chelsom said in a statement.

Further talking about the theme of the movie, the director, who has helmed movies like "Shall We Dance" and "Serendipity", said: "It's a big movie and it's a very universal movie and the theme is completely universal."

"The Space Between Us" is an interplanetary adventure featuring two young lovers, one from Earth and one from Mars. 

"The themes of isolation and connection and separation and it's a love story, you know it is the heart of it all. Is it about Mars, is it about America - No. They are just devices to tell a love story. What I love about the film is that it will travel more than any film I have ever made I think," he said

The romantic sci-fi movie has a stellar cast that includes Britt Robertson and Asa Butterfield. 

It is set to release on Friday in India.