The relavance behind beauty pageants today

                                How many times have we been insecure of our bodies? Been criticized for brains? Been ridiculed for having opinions? Or felt Degraded because we weren’t a good mother? It can really be discouraging! However, pageants give us, regular, women a chance to be what we want to be! It isn’t just posing and being pretty in front of an audience. They become this superhero persona that has the power to inspire millions of women, it isn’t just the world around you. You become a voice for those who are too afraid to speak for themselves. Your outer beauty isn’t what makes you beautiful, it’s your inner beauty. Here are two reasons, according to me, for the relevance of beauty pageants today:


                                Firstly, in the world we live in today, there is a lot of un-evenness  in  the societies in terms of wealth, equality, and opportunities. Beauty pageants bring together ladies from different parts of the world where they are treated equally, can voice their opinions, raise their voices and flags of their nations, and be a role model for those who aspire to be strong and independent. We get to see women of all races come together, moreover, we get to celebrate beauty in every form, color and feature.  Each girl from each country raises an issue ailing her country, thus making us feel more close to worldly conditions. It gives us the feeling that women are given equal opportunities regardless of their backgrounds. This kind of leveller, is great for us as citizens of the world. One gets to see it only in school and universities.

                                Secondly, Pageant Queens are a reminder of discipline as they prepare strenuously to use their voice and heart for good of others. Again, as women, we tend to neglect our health and bodies as we age because more and more responsibilities come upon us. We spend most of our middle-ages  barely managing homes, families and work. Pageant Queens teach us to look and feel great about ourselves, how important it is for us to be the best we can be at all times. That we have the ability to look the best – regardless of age, health conditions and financial conditions.

                The relevance of a pageant queen in today’s society is to remind women of their dreams and to conquer them! Gone are the days when we would just be waiting at home for the breadwinners to come and make us happy. Why should we look to others to be happy?  Happiness is within us and it radiates when we can share the happiness by being happy for others, by contributing to society, by being the persona that everyone can look up-to. They embody - Beauty, Brains, Persona, Empathy, Pride and Confidence - a sure formula made for success!