THE MIND DIET for the mindful!



Shedding pounds is the prime focus of most diet plans, especially when it comes to fad detoxes and cleanses. However, focus isn't always on losing weight. Your attitude should be - that you eat to live, rather than the way around. Different diets can help you achieve a better life-quality by helping in various ailments.  And if you’re hoping to improve your brain health and prevent the onset of Alzheimers Disease (zheimer’s disease — a progressive and devastating neurodegenerative disease causing memory loss), you may consider trying the MIND diet, which has been linked with slower cognitive decline.

MIND (an acronym that is a combo of Mediterranean-DASH for Neurodegenerative Delay) is a “hybrid of the Mediterranean diet and DASH diet". The MIND diet focuses on the intake of plant-based foods  and urges a higher consumption of berries and green leafy vegetables.

Here are four the best foods that encompass the MIND Diet (along with their servings): 

  • Green leafy vegetables: a minimum of 6 servings a week

  • Nuts: a minimum of 5 servings a week

  • Berries: a minimum of 2 servings a week

  • Beans: a minimum of 3 servings a week