The mandate of 2019 will tell you how much people trust us, says Jayant Sinha


New Delhi, Nov 27: From the platform of News24 Conclave Jashn e Youngistan, Union civil aviation minister Jayant Sinha sounded optimistic and faced all question hurled towards his government regarding GST and Demonetisation with confidence. The minister said growth is visible in all sectors and very soon Indian youth will be reaping the benefits of these two major steps taken by the government.
Sinha said, " Any initiative at first does faces a lot of hurdles. The beginning is tough before it finally flies with high speed. Just wait for some more time before you start reaping the fruits of these steps. It is not without a reason that all major agencies are recognising India's growth and future prospects."
Putting full confidence in PM Narendra Modi's leadership Sinha added that the world is appreciating and recognising India's potential and the Prime Minster is a major motivating factor.
Jitin Prasada did question his claims and mentioned about the restlessness in the youth of India. He said that the government should not take the youth of the country for granted. He asked the minister to show solid figures of the job opportunities provided by the government.

Prasada said, "The BJP should not ask for one more tenure and make this an excuse to show solid results by then.  Please don't mislead the country. The direction for positive changes should be clear now. We don't expect wonders in just 3.5 years, but the results should start emerging. Nothing is happening as such as of now. The government should show us something, something at least." He added emphatically that the Congress never came to power on pretext of any false promise ."We have just done our job, with full honesty,nothing more and nothing less. What also pains is that why investigating agencies are just after the Opposition. Is there no corruption in government?" he asked sarcastically.

Jayant Sinha continued and said that the problem is that we have a mind-set for government jobs, otherwise there are ample opportunities in other sectors as well. If the problem of job was so intense then there would not have been a shortage of manpower in army. 
But Sinha's claims fell flat when he was given the data and figures on the job front.
Sinha sounded very optimistic about all initiatives taken by the government and said that the forthcoming election results will prove all detractors wrong. "Yes, we do need some time before the major political decisions  start showing some positive results. The faith that the people of the country repose in the government and in Prime Minister Modi is what gives them strength.

Indicating a broad-minded attitude of the government, Sinha said that we welcome all criticism, both positive ans negative. This is the reason that we have made all necessary changes in GST after implementing it. The government is open to suggestions and necessary changes.