The Jaguar XJ gives competition BMW 7 Series and Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Indeed, if you like to drive yourself, there’s no finer handling luxury saloon than the XJ. This does affect its ride comfort, however, and some rivals feel much smoother.

There are three engines: a turbocharged V6 diesel, a more powerful supercharged V6 petrol and, at the top of the range, the supercharged V8 XJR, available in two power outputs. The diesel offers good performance, and far better fuel economy than the petrol engines.

There are two wheelbase lengths and five different trim levels to choose from, all of which bring plenty of equipment. A long list of options is available, too.

Inside, the XJ has a distinctively styled cabin with a fairly modern infotainment system, but rivals like Audi are ahead on interior quality and have far superior software. Should you intend on being chauffeured, it’s worth knowing that head room in the rear of the XJ is not generous.