'The BFG' has critical digital effects: Steven Spielberg

Los Angeles: American Oscar-winning director Steven Spielberg, known for weaving stories for the silver screen backed by advanced technology, says there were no technical limitations for his forthcoming fantasy adventure film "The BFG". Based on the beloved 1982 children's book by Roald Dahl, "The BFG" charts the fantastical friendship between a young orphan named Sophie (played by Ruby Barnhill), and a Big Friendly Giant (played by Mark Rylance) who whisks her away on a magical adventure involving human eating giants, and dream catching. "'The BFG' maybe is the most critical digital effect I have yet put into a film. I wanted the interaction between BFG and Sophie to be so fluid that I could send my camera anywhere without any kind of technical limitations," Spielberg said in a statement.  He added: "I wanted the film to appear so visually freewheeling that after a while, we would forget there were any effects used to create that relationship. It was getting the technology to bend to the emotional needs of the characters." The film is a reunion of the team behind "E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial" -- Spielberg, producer Kathleen Kennedy, and screenwriter Melissa Mathison, who tragically passed away in November 2015.  The film is set to release in India on Friday. Reliance Entertainment has planned a pan-India release for the film in four languages -- English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.  Spielberg also feels that the film is "one of the highlights of my career so far."