The art of chocolate-making with Chef Oliver Vincenot

New Delhi: Corporate Chef Olivier Vincenot transported the attendees at a workshop here into a wonderland of fruit and nut chocolates, his culinary skills ensuring a chocolatier out of everyone who attended. Chef Olivier, rustled some of the most delicious flavors of chocolates, Truffles Mocha: (Ganache), fruits and nuts mandian, chocolate mousse and chocolate almonds, to name a few of the sinful indulgences. The event, at Foodhall, a premium lifestyle food superstore at DLF Saket, witnessed Chef Olivier Vincenot sharing his secrets and techniques of making perfect chocolates through various applications like tempering, moulding and decorating.

Here is a recipe of chocolate mousse shared by Chef Oliver : Ingredients: Caster sugar 100 gr or 1/2 cup Water 30 gr or Table spoon Whole eggs 90 gr or 3 No’s Egg yolks 60 gr or 2 No’s Dark chocolate 70% 240 gr or 1 cup + 1 table spoon (Couverture  chocolate) Whipped cream 35% 320 gr or 1 cup + 1/4 cup (Elle&Vire) Method: Melt the chocolate over a bain-marie and keep warm aside. (36-40 degrees C).  In a mixing bowl, whisk both whole eggs and yolks till slightly fluffy; while doing that also have the caster sugar and water come to 118C into a saucepan over medium heat and pour over the whisked eggs; carry on whisking until the mix has cooled down.  Whisk the whipping cream to a soft pick, and pour a fifth into the warm melted chocolate which at this stage should be removed from the bain-marie, mix together nicely.  Then fold in the sabayon into the chocolate until nicely mixed, do not beat, and fold in the whipped cream.  Pour the mousse into glasses, cups, and bowls and set in the fridge.  Can be decorated with fresh strawberries or any other fruits, or just cocoa powder, icing sugar, or even small heart made of icing.