The 3 Best Ways to prevent depression naturally


Its a true fact that the best antidepressants on Earth don’t come from a pill bottle. From having more sleep to taking up a hobby, making these simple changes in your life can help boost your mood and prevent depression.

* Sleep well: There’s nothing like tossing and turning all night to put you in a bad mood, but sleep disturbances may effect further than that. According to researchers, disturbances in circadian rhythms have been linked to depression, and resynchronizing circadian rhythms using melatonin supplements or light therapy. 

* Exercise:  Exercise is a great contribution for general health as well as mood-boosting effects, too. It can be as light as a 20-minute brisk walk daily.

* Pursue a hobby:  In addition to sleeping well and doing your exercise, nothing will boost your mood like having a sense of purpose.