Terrorist shames Kashmiri separatists, says Army saved my life..Video

Srinagar, May 10: A  Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) terrorist has shamed the separatists. His confession has also left the pro-Pakistan lobby and the amnesty groups red faced who allege atrocities by the security forces in the Kashmir Valley. The LeT terrorist said that the Army could have killed him but saved his life instead.  The terrorist was arrested by Baramulla police on April 30 after  3 civilians were killed.

LeT terrorist Aijaz Gujri, in a confessional video, not only praised the Army but also exposed Pakistan's role in Kashmir terrorism.  Gujri revealed his group fired upon the Armymen, but the soldiers kept their cool and did not retaliate. “I hid myself in bushes where I was arrested, where Army could have killed me but they saved my life,” said the LeT terrorist.  “The day I was arrested, we were told by Pakistan to create violence in the Valley. We were told that Army is doing brutalities while it’s not true. It’s a conspiracy which was hatched in Pakistan.”

The LeT appealed to other terrorists to give up arms and return home. Gujri said that terrorists  “who are on wrong road" should unite with their families. “They have been living in jungles. I appeal to them that they should come back home to their parents," he said. Addressing another terrorist Nasir Amin, Gujri asked him to think about his mother. “I am Asking Nasir Amin that his mother is very ill and he should come back,” he added.