Terrorism biggest threat in South Asia, originating from Pak: Afghanistan

Indore, Feb 19: Afghanistan National Assembly Speaker Abdul Raouf Ibrahimi today described terrorism as the "biggest threat" for the South Asia region and said it is "originating from Pakistan". 

"Today cross-border terrorism is the biggest threat for peace and prosperity in the region and no one better than India and Afghanistan can understand as both of us are victims of this menace," Ibrahimi told PTI on sidelines of the South-Asian speakers' summit. 

"In case of both India and Afghanistan, cross-border terrorism is originating from Pakistan which is, unfortunately, patronising it also. This should be stopped, you don't expect this from neighbours," he said. 

Taking strong note of Pakistan absence's from the summit, Ibrahimi had said India's neighbour is not here "for the reasons are best known to them". 

"As a neighbouring nation we would have felt better if they were here," he had said.