Terror of fake Rs 2000-notes!Printing press, Rs 70 lakh seized

Mumbai: One of the main reasons for note ban by PM Narendra Modi was to curb fake currency. And, despite the government undermining the problem of fake currency after note ban, the menace continues. In the latest incident, fake currency worth Rs 70 lakh was seized here from three persons.  

The entire fake currency was in Rs 2,000 notes. Worse still is the fact that a printing machine was recovered from the accused. Some reports says that the accused  have already used about Rs 30,000 in fakes in various markets here. This means that these fakes are still in circulation. However, police has not confirmed this. 

Jatin Solanki (25), Vijay Kamble (35) and Sachin Bansi (37) were arrested in suburban Bandra by Unit-IX of the Crime Branch on a specific information that they were coming to deliver the fake currency, a senior police official said. The  main accused Jatin was under debts. All three accused are friends, while Sachin is a computer technology expert.

The notes were printed at the house of one of the accused in Nalasopara in the Palghar district, he said. “During interrogation, the accused confessed they had printed these notes,” said Shashikant Satao, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime).

The sleuths of the crime branch also raided the place in Nalasopara, from where the computer, printer, scanner and xerox machine and a laptop were seized, Satao said. Fake notes were made using a scanner, printer and a computer software.

The accused managed to print the fake currency note, which had at least six features similar to the original one, the officer added.

The idea was to print high quality fakes, so a laptop, a Xerox and a scanning machine worth Rs 4 lakh were bought. The accused had bought  good quality paper.. “The accused had printed fake notes worth at least 2 crore, but most of the notes were not printed correctly. They could only manage to print Rs 70.6 lakh worth of notes properly,” Satav said.

The accused had a plan to circulate these notes at petrol pumps and hotels. Further investigations are on.