Ted Cruz applauds Donald Trump, says Barack Obama taking everything backward

Cleveland: Once a friend-turn-foe, Texas Senator Ted Cruz has congratulated Donald Trump for becoming the Republican presidential nominee as he launched a scathing attack on President Barack Obama for taking everything backward and Hillary Clinton for following his policies.

"I congratulate Donald Trump on winning the nomination last night," Cruz told a cheering crowd at the Republican National Convention here.

The Junior Senator from Texas was defeated by Trump during the primary battle. Besides congratulating Trump for winning the primaries, Cruz launched a scathing attack on President Obama and the Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

There is a profound difference in our two parties visions for the future. Their's is the party that thinks ISIS (Islamic State) is a "JV team," that responds to the death of Americans at Benghazi by asking, "What difference does it make?" That thinks. It's possible to make a deal with Iran, which celebrates as holidays "Death to America Day" and "Death to Israel Day. That is madness, Cruz said.

President Obama is a man who does everything backwards he wants to close Guantanamo Bay and open up our borders, he exports jobs and imports terrorists. Enough is enough. There is a better vision for our future: A return to freedom, he said.PTI