Keep these in mind before FASTag recharge, read

Electronic Toll Collection System ie FASTag system is very helpful for the people. If you also use FASTag in your cars, then while recharging or getting it done, take care of some special things, otherwise you may suffer loss. View details.

Keep these in mind before FASTag recharge, read
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New Delhi: The Government of India had announced a good news for the people traveling on the highway. Actually, the government has implemented the electronic toll collection system ie FASTag system. This facility has been provided to avoid long queues at toll plazas while traveling on highways. This not only saves time, but also makes it easier to pay tolls. The best thing about FASTag system is that you can recharge it from your mobile itself. However, some precautions should be taken while recharging it, otherwise you may have to face heavy losses due to your small mistake.

Things to keep in mind

  • If you are recharging FASTag with the help of payment apps like Paytm or Google Pay, then you need to pay special attention. Actually you have to enter your vehicle number before doing this. If a wrong number is entered by mistake, then money will be deducted from your account, as well as your recharge will also not be done.
  • There is one more thing to keep in mind before FASTag recharge. Actually your FASTag must be linked to any of your bank account, because before recharging you are asked for bank details. If you put wrong details in them then you may have to face double whammy. Your recharge will be canceled as well as money can also be deducted from your account.
  • You need to be careful even if you have sold your car to someone. Actually, in such situations, the owner of the car can go on the highway and the money can be deducted from your account at the toll plaza. That's why it is important that you deactivate the FASTag from your sold car.
  • If there is any problem related to FASTag like problem in recharge or more money is being deducted, then you can talk to NHAI's helpline number 1033. This helpline has been created to solve the problems of the public related to FASTag.
  • It is also important that you keep checking the balance of FASTag from time to time. If you have less money in FASTag, you should recharge immediately. Since if there is no money in FASTag, then you may have to pay double charge while passing through the toll.

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