'Talking Tom' app partners with Kevin Spacey's comedy

Los Angeles: Film studio EuropaCorp and entertainment company Outfit7 are launching a global partnership between the upcoming Kevin Spacey comedy “Nine Lives” and the popular Talking Tom Cat app. It is the first time that Talking Tom has partnered with a feature film for a cross-brand integration since it was introduced in 2010 with a cat that responded to gestures made on smartphone and tablet screens, and could animate voice recordings, reports variety.com.  “I am thrilled with our Talking Tom partnership because of its seamless integration into the film,” said Tommy Gargotta, President of Marketing at EuropaCorp.  “It lines up great not only with our story but with our core audience, and gives us the opportunity to connect with billions of potential fans in an authentic and creative way," he added.  The alliance, announced Friday, comes a month before EuropaCorp opens "Nine Lives", which also stars Jennifer Garner, Robbie Amell, Malina Weissman, Mark Consuelos, Christopher Walken, and Cheryl Hines.  In the film, Spacey plays a workaholic father who suddenly finds himself trapped in the body of his family's newly adopted cat and must learn to reconnect with his family or remain a cat forever. Outfit7 has upgraded the The Talking Tom app with a new"Nine Live" record button for users to record and share "second chance videos."  Outfit7 also created content for all of its social media channels including graphics/videos with the cast and a special engagement video featuring Garner and Talking Tom. Additionally, the Talking Tom app and Tom cat character have been incorporated into various aspects of the film.