Taliban kill Governor, police & intelligence chiefs in Afghanistan.. top US commander was target

Kabul, Oct 18: In a major setback to the West, three top Kandahar province officials- the governor, police chief and intelligence chief- were killed by their own guards at a meeting.Two US military officials sustained injuries. Claiming responsibility for the attack, Taliban  said Commander of the US and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation troops in Afghanistan was the target of the attack. The incident has happened just two days before parliamentary elections.Shooting happened at the Governor's complex in Kandahar province,  but the commander of Nato's Resolute Support Mission, Austin 'Scott' Miller, escaped unhurt.NATO mission spokesperson Knut Peters said that there was an incident at the Kandahar palace and initial reports indicated an Afghan on Afghan situation, Efe news reported.Peters said two Americans were wounded in the crossfire while Miller, who was coming out of a meeting with the authorities in the building, escaped uninjured.The US added 3,000 soldiers in 2017 to the already existing 8,000 strong contingent under NATO's Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan.Since the end of NATO's combat mission in January 2015, the government in Kabul has been losing territory to the insurgents and the Special Inspector-General for Afghanistan Reconstruction of the US Congress said that the Afghan government now controls only 56 per cent of its territory.News24 Bureau/ IANS