Take proper care post hair transplant

New Delhi: After getting hair transplants, you need to take proper care and use only prescribed medicines to reduce swelling on scalp, say experts. Scarring, redness and drowsiness are a few common problems that you have to face post hair transplants. Experts from Advanced Beauty and Cosmetic Clinic have some tips to share: * Get rid of scars: Scarring and redness are common problems that one faces post hair transplants. Some patches are bound to stay during the initial days post operation. The new follicles will take time to grow and the implanted mane will grow on the scar tissues, providing ample coverage to the scars. Do not use generic scar reduction creams unless advised by a physician. Take proper care and use only prescribed medicines to reduce swelling and scalp. * Sleep postures: You are bound to feel drowsy after a hair transplant procedure. However, there are some sleep postures that you have to follow which can help you sleep well.  Sleeping flat will only result in swelling. It is advisable to lie down in a semi-upright position. Try using a reclining chair or keep two or more pillows to elevate your head. This can reduce the swelling and minimise accidental touching and rubbing of the transplanted areas. * Avoid physical activities: It is essential that you take a break from any strenuous activities during this period.  Hitting the gym or any other form of household chores that require physical effort can cause trouble immediately after the procedure. Restrict yourself to limited exercises and other household chores, at least for 10 days and then you can get back to your regular routine. * Stay out of the sun: Post a hair transplant, it is essential to avoid any form of Sun exposure. Wear a wide-brimmed hat if you have to step out in the sun. Excessive sweating of the scalp can effect hair growth. It is better to stay indoors and avoid sweat. * Balanced diet: During post-operation hair restoration, it is advisable to follow a healthy diet pattern that can stimulate hair growth.  Avoid spicy food as this can hamper the healing process. Drink plenty of water and strictly skip alcohol and smoking as both can interfere with the hair restoration process and effect blood supply to the head. * Rinse your hair: This needs utmost care and should be done only after a couple of days post surgery. Wash your hair with a shampoo only after your doctor has advised you to do so. Until then stick to rinsing. Use a gentle shampoo to cleanse the grafted areas around the scalp. Do not give any pressure while shampooing your hair and pat dry your scalp with a soft towel.