Swine flu claims life of a BJP MLA in Rajasthan

Rajasthan: BJP Mandalgarh MLA Kirti Kumari passes away. She was suffering from swine flu. Swine flu has affected many people all over India. 

 India has registered 1,094 swine flu-related deaths in 2017, with the maximum 342 casualties being reported in August only, said an official report on Wednesday. According to the report, released for the 33rd week of this year on swine flu, the highest number of deaths was recorded in Maharashtra at 437, followed by Goa with 269 and Rajasthan with 69 deaths. The country has so far recorded 22,186 cases, with Maharashtra again leading with maximum 4,245 cases, followed by Goa with 3,029 and Tamil Nadu 2,994 cases.  The data was released on Wednesday by the Union Health Ministry. Among other states that recorded high number of swine flu till August 20, 2017, are Karnataka (2,956) and Kerala (1,374).

News24 Bureau