Swaraj India demands roll back of Metro fare; blame BJP, AAP collusion

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New Delhi, Oct 11: Swaraj India on Tuesday demanded the roll back of the rise in Delhi Metro fare and alleged collusion between BJP-led Central government and the AAP-led state government for the move.

Calling the rise in Delhi metro fare as anti-people and beyond reason, Swaraj India said that the decision will have an adverse impact on the women, students, poor and middle class of Delhi who extensively use the metro for travelling within the city.

"If every decision of Delhi Metro Railway Corporation is jointly taken by BJP-led Centre and the AAP-led Delhi Government, then who is responsible for this fare hike? The same politicians who are looting the citizens of their hard-earned money are now pretending to fight for the public and shedding crocodile tears," said the party's chief national spokesperson Anupam.

He termed the decision to hike the fares as unfortunate and questioned the idea of increasing fare despite a hike a few months ago.