Suspected ISI agent arrested at sensitive Brahmos Unit in Nagpur

New Delhi, Oct 8, News24 Bureau: This comes as a shocking news that at the sensitive Brahmos Unit in Nagpur a person has been arrested on the charges of spying. Uttar Pradesh Anti-Terror Squad has nabbed a person working at Brahmos Unit in Nagpur on the charges of spying.

This Pakistani spy who was affiliated to the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), was on Monday arrested from the sensitive research wing. The research wing houses sensitive information on the BrahMos missile in Maharashtra's Nagpur. The spy has been identified as Nishant Agarwal. Nishant was nabbed in a joint operation by the Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra Anti-Terrorist Squad.The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) facility from where he was arrested makes propellents, or fuel, for the BrahMos missile.What is BrahMos:

 The BrahMos is a medium-range supersonic missile that can be fired from submarines, ships, aircraft or land. The arrest becomes more crucial because BrahMos is fastest cruise missile in the world.According to sources in police Agarwal had got access to sensitive information on India's missile systems. The local police had no inkling about the presence of the person in the facility and neither did the ATS team inform them about the investigation. The details on Agarwal's connections and modus operandi are being probed and further probe will throw new light on the sensitive case. More details are awaited.

See pictures of the house of arrested Nishant Agarwal who, allegedly, is affiliated with ISI: