Sushant launches new collection of Tissot

New Delhi: Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput launched a new collection titled Le Locle Regulatateur of the luxury time piece brand Tissot here on Thursday. Sushant, who looked dapper in a blue printed suit, visited the Tissot shop-in-shop at Kapoor Watch Company, where he was also presented a beautiful time piece from the new collection. Talking about the watch, Sushant told IANS: "It's a Le Locle Regulatateur, which I am wearing right now. It's got a historic feel to it because long ago, they used to have this regulator watch timed I think minute-wise ... So, I feel I am wearing a piece of art on my wrist." The new collection is part of the popular Le Locle family of watches, named after Tissot's home in the Jura mountains.  Is he a watch person? Sushant said: "Of course. I have a collection of about 34-35 watches."