Supreme Court approves Centre's scheme for sharing Cauvery water

New Delhi, May 18: The Supreme Court approves the Centre's draft Cauvery Management Scheme for smooth distribution of water among four riparian states. The court rejects suggestions of Karnataka and Kerala governments for the scheme and terms them as devoid of merit. The SC asks the scheme be implemented by monsoon.The SC orders the Centre to take the draft scheme to its logical conclusion with utmost promptitude, dismisses Kerala and Karnataka objections, and appreciates Pudicherry for saying Cauvery Authority should have complete control.The amended draft scheme says in terms of water distributed to Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, the regulation committee of the Cauvery Management Board should collect a "daily release of water on a monthly basis from the reservoirs as directed by the authority."Early this month, the SC had slammed the Centre saying that it was in "sheer contempt" of its February 16 verdict by not yet framing the Cauvery management scheme on river water sharing between four southern riparian states.The apex court had in its verdict asked the Centre to frame the Cauvery management scheme, which will also includes creating the Cauvery Managament Board, within six weeks for smooth release of water from Karnataka to Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Puducherry with a caveat that the deadline cannot be extended.