Sunny's hot pics go viral

New Delhi, May 16: Sunny Leone has a big fan base and she keeps them updated every now and then by posting several pictures on her Instagram account. 

Sunny Leone is hitting the gym regularly these days and the sexy actor is actually sweating it out. The hard-working girl that she is, it appears that she has a point to prove and all this is leaving her gym instructor Lian Wentzel very amused. 

So on Sunny's birthday on 13th May her trainer gifted her  doughnut cupcake.

The actress captioned the post, "When your ripped trainer @lian_wentzel gives you a doughnut cupcake for your birthday! I think this is a prize for all the a**-kicking in Cape Town! Loved it all and my cupcake!! Thank you Lian!!"-----

The ravishing beauty has been posting the videos of her workout regimes on her Instagram account.

See the stunning pictures of Sunny Leone: