Sushil Kumar moves to High Court for a spot at the Olypmics

Displeased with the wishes of the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) being keen on sending Narsingh Yadav to the Rio games, Sushil Kumar moved to Delhi High Court on Monday, seeking a fair chance at the games. In his petition, the two-time gold medallist Sushil has requested for a just trial to select the better of the two athletes to represent India. Sushil’s legal team has filed a petition based on the doctrine of National Sports Code (NSC), established in 2011. The NSC says that there should be a fair trial for all. As per the rules of the NSC, WFI is supposed to hold a trial match, through the Sports Authority of India, between the two. It is apparent that the WFI has not done this in 74kg category. Thus, it is a violation of the sports code. The federation has decided that it will only consider any other athlete in place of Narsingh Yadav only if he is injured. He, therefore, stands as their sole choice for the games. The last date to make changes in the list of participants is July 18. Until then, Sushil Yadav will continue to train for the Rio games in hopes for the prized spot.