Sunburn? Do this!

New Delhi: Even if you take precautions, excessive exposure to the sun can leave your skin with a burn, A cool shower or use of an aloe vera-based moisturizer can give a soothing effect, say experts.

Vivek Mehta, a dermatologist at Pulastya and Cadle Skin Laser Clinic, and Rohit Batra, a dermatologist at Dreamworld Skin and Hair Clinic, have some tips: 

* Soothe your skin with cool showers and cold presses if you feel the stinging sensation on the affected area. Apply a soothing moisturizer on your skin to help trap moisture on your skin to keep it soft and supple. This will avoid the dryness that might cause itching.* Choose an aloe vera moisturizer or soy cream which helps soothe the sunburnt skin. You can also apply hydrocortisone cream which is easily available in the market. Avoid ‘caine' products such as benzocaine as they can irritate the skin or may cause allergy.* Count on aspirin or ibuprofen as it helps reduce swelling, redness, and discomfort caused by sunburn. However, do not buy these without consulting your dermatologist.* Consume plenty of water as a sunburn draws fluid to the skin's surface. With water you are safeguarding your body against dehydration.* In case you notice blisters on your skin after sunburn, it means that you have a second-degree sunburn. However, there's no need to worry as it is a natural process and blisters protect the skin underneath from infection during the healing process. You should not pop or pick blisters.

* Make sure that you wear loose clothing that covers your hands, feet and face, and especially the sunburnt area. Avoid fabrics like nylon, polyester and go for soft cotton and other breathable fabrics.