Subhash Ghai pens emotional obituary on Sridevi's sudden demise


New Delhi, Feb 25: “Sri Devi worked with me in karma as an actor in 1985. A quite lady with bundle of talent.  A pure magical screen actor of India. We can never get other Sridevi again on screen. I am deeply grieved for this shocking loss. She was the finest actor of Indian cinema since 1985.  

An introvert by nature she was electricity with thunder in front of the camera.  She would amaze directors by her each shot taken on her on the sets.  May it be dance drama or romance. She the was uncrowned queen of acting in all languages of her times. 

I knew her as a person for being my friend Boney' s wife.  She was a traditional housewife. Great mother and the perfect host for guests at home. We all loved her with great respect.  Best thing in her life I observed that she maintained her dignity and integrity as an actor and person both constantly at any cost in this demanding industry. 

Her work on the screen will be written in textbooks of acting. May it be first Sadma or Mom latest. 
God bless her soul peace. 

Subhash Ghai