Style Diaries: Lets do dhotees!

Dhoti, is a traditional Indian Outfit for Men but these days its high in women fashion and everyone is just loving the different variations of dhoti and the dhoti trend.

The top Indian Fashion Designers like Masaba Gupta, Payal Singhal to name a few have their hands in reinventing this traditional Indian outfit. You must be thinking hard many fashion variations can be made with this traditional Indian outfit dhoti and that too for women?

Well, the most apt and versatile version of the outfit are dhoti pants which looks similar to the traditional dhoti, the only difference being that its pre-stitched and you can wear them like pants.

Dhoti Pants are perfect choice for summers as they are loose and comfortable to wear.  Depending on the occasion, you can wear the simple or embellished dhoti pants.

The thing that will make your outfit a formal or casual is top you wear it with. You can team the dhoti pants with crop tops, capes, denim shirts, ethnic jackets, kurta/kurtis etc.