Students get insights into 'Beauty and the Beast'

Mumbai, Feb 23 (IANS) Experiences of working on the musical "Beauty and the Beast" came alive at the Whistling Woods International masterclass with Vikrant Pawar, the Head of Live Entertainment at Disney Entertainment (India).

Vikrant, a renowned name in the entertainment fraternity, shared his experiences of working on one of the most ambitious projects by Disney. 

Explaining how the musical turned into a beautiful piece of play and a visual marvel, Vikrant shared his knowledge on how to follow a process, importance of quick costume change, set designing, lighting, and also, how through planning, it has to be aligned and synced for a theatre play. 

"It is imperative for each team member to understand the roles of all the departments involved, in order to work with a smooth flow of operation, while working within a limited time frame and tight budget," he said.

This session gave the students clarity on the roles of each department involved in the making of a play and the essentiality of working towards a common objective of telling the story in its truest form. 

"It took me 3 years to bring out ‘Beauty and the Beast'. Theatre experience is what you see is what you get, you need to live with the story, to be able to visualise it on the stage. You have to constantly challenge yourself to think differently to offer the best to the audience," he added. 

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