Video: Stiff standoff: Both India and China not ready to blink first

New Delhi: It's been nearly two-months of standoff at Doklam and neither India nor China is ready to blink. Though there is no unusual mobilization or activity at the Line of Actual Control. 

In the meantime the army has denied that any evacuation is ordered in the Sikkim-Bhutan-Tibet tri-junction. According to media reports some build ups are there in terms of additional troops and tanks. The artillery and air defence units in the Tibet Military District by the People's Liberation Army (PLA) has also been enhanced, but there is no major or unusual mobilization. 

In a new development in the Doklam standoff, Chinese military analysts say that India and China should sign a new boundary convention in the Sikkim sector to replace the 1890 Great Britain-China agreement and make it more contemporary.

"For China early harvest means, we want to have a new agreement with India, because the 1890 convention was signed between Great Britain and China," Senior Colonel Zhao Xiaozhou, Director at the Centre on China-America Defence Relations of the Academy of Military Science, told an Indian media delegation.

"At that time, it was not the People's Republic of China, (PRC). India became independent in 1947. It is better we change the signatures of the convention, that is what I mean early harvest," he said.

"It is very essential because there are territorial disputes in the eastern, central and western sectors of the India-China border. Only in the Sikkim section we have the fixed border. So, we want to start from the easiest, that is what we call early harvest," he added.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry too in its August 2 fact- sheet on Doklam standoff referred to Beijing's expectations of an "early harvest" in the Sikkim sector.

"The Chinese and Indian sides have been in discussion on making the boundary in the Sikkim Sector an 'early harvest' in the settlement of the entire boundary question during the meetings between the Special Representatives on the China- India Boundary Question," it had said, referring to the 1890 convention.

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