Stalker sets ablaze girl's mother who is now fighting for life

Mumbai: A mother stands like a mountain between her daughter and a stalker and is punished by the latter who sets her ablaze. Amratvati Harijan, who is undergoing treatment at Masina hospital in Mumbai may be under immense pain, but her determination to see the stalker getting punished is more apparent. 25-year-old Deepak was stalking her 18-year-old daughter. He followed her and also flashed his private part embarresing her no end. Despite repeated requests which later turned into stern warnings by Amravati the boy did not stop.

One day as her daughetr sat on the doorstops of her house the boy came and poured petrol on her. But before he could light the match the girl ran away shouting and sat under water, thus foiling his nefarious designs. Frustrated the boy set ablaze Amravati and along with her their neighbour who came forwrd to save her got fatal burns along with her child.

Amravati is now undergoing treatment which is proving to be very dear for the humble family. The bills have already crossed 18 lakhs and the doctors say that the cadaveric skin donation for grafting is the only way out for her complete recovery. This will further soar the bills. The family has just one earning memebr; Amravati's husband who is a gardner. The family is running from pillar to post to find a way out to pay the outstanding amount.

The neighbours say that the local police informed earlier also and they just let go the stalker after slapping him. Things would not have turned so bad had the police flung to action then.