Split Wide open: Has Chhota Shakeel split from Dawood?

New Delhi, Dec 13: Pakistan's ISI is working overtime, according to some initial reports pouring in. It has a big job in hand, to dissolve allegedly the spiraling differences between dons Dawood Ibrahim and Chhota Shakeel. According to the IB reports ISI is trying its level best to broker peace between the the two. They assume that a split between the two dons will help India, which Pakistan cannot afford.

After the Mumbai blasts they duo had fled from Mumbai and were living in Clifton area of Karachi. Shakil has moved towards an unknown destination.
The differences arose after Dawood's brother Anees, who lives with him, was reportedly stepping on Shakeel's toes too often. Shakeel has been taking care of almost all of Dawood's business since more than three decades now. This was irritating Shakeel since a long time. 

Shakeel had cemented his position well after the exit of Chota Rajan. It is also alleged that Shakeel had planned to eliminate Chota Rajan and therefore the latter felt it was safer to be inside jail.