Spend intimate moments with partner inside Church of Love, while nuns stand guard

New  Delhi: It has been termed as the Mecca of all music festivals. It is one of the most anticipated event of the year, when lakhs of music and dance enthusiasts gather in Belgium. It is called Tomorrowland. It is being organised for the last 12 years now.There is more to it than just music and dance. Thanks to orgainsers, there is a ‘Church of Love’ here. This is a Church with a difference. Scantily-clad nuns guard this church. Popularly known as ‘kissing point, the Church allows to couples to spend quality intimate time and get naughty too.  In practice, this Church is a pink-coloured hut, tastefully decorated inside keeping the couples in mind. It is guarded by two nuns from outside, while couples enjoy their private moments inside. The couples get a total of 10 minutes inside the hut.As the couples enter inside these nuns provide them condoms for safe sex, and it is they who inform the couples about the time. Actually these women are strippers, dressed like a nun. (News24Bureau)