SP taking help of crutches which are weak: Rajnath

Barabanki: Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Wednesday took a dig at the SP, saying those who are strong do not need crutches.

"Samajwadi Party ki hava nikal chuki hai aur isliye ussne baisakhi dhoondi hai...par baisakhi bhi aisi jo khud hi bahut kamzor hai (SP has lost steam and now they are taking help of crutches which themselves are weak)," he said addressing a rally meeting for BJP's Baijnath Rawat from Haidergarh in an apparent reference to SP's poll tie-up with Congress.

"The one who is strong does not seek help of crutches but it is the weak who need them. Congress itself is a sinking ship," he said.

Attacking Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi, he said that he has "seen meetings in auditoriums and fields but never one on 'khat' (charpoy). It is meant for sleeping and not for holding meetings. The one who has come on the khat even before the elections will not be able to contest them."

Referring to Gandhi's khat sabhas during his 'Kisan rally' in the state last year, Singh said, "When he (Rahul) could do nothing by his khat sabhas, he is riding on the back of the SP's bicycle but it has already been punctured by Mulayam Singh.(PTI)