Sonbhadra massacre LIVE: Senior Cong leaders on way to meet Priyanka, detained at Varanasi airport

Priyanka Gandhi wants to meet Sonbhadra victim

New Delhi, News24 Bureau, July 20: Here are the LIVE updates of the infamous Sonbhadra Massacre: 

Senior Congress leaders Rajiv Shukla, RPN Singh, Jitin Prasad who on way to meet Priyanka Gandhi at Chunar guest house have been detained at the Varanasi airport. 

- Priyanka Gandhi Vadra: Two relatives of victims have come here to meet me, 15 others are not being allowed to meet me. Even I am not being allowed to meet them. Bhagwan jane inki mansikta kya hai? Aap thoda dawab banayiya, unhe aana dijiye. Mere pichhe pade hain.

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra minces no words when she said categorically that she will not leave unless she is allowed to meet the Sonbhadra victim's family. The Congress UP Secretary said that she had no intention of disobeying Section 144 but she must be allowed to meet the family of the victims of the Sonbhadra massacre. And unless that happens she will not leave, she asserted.

Priyanka also added that she is ready to meet the family in SOnbhadra with just two-three people. Or else the police can arrange a meeting with them at Mirzapur or any other venue they choose, but she will not leave unless she is allowed to meet the family.

Priyanka also added that some officials indeed came to meet her last night, but only with one request--that she should go back, and this, she said is not possible.

She added that the officials showed her Section 144 order on WhatsApp. Sources also said that the electricity and water supply of the guest house where she is staying was also disrupted.

In a major development in the Sonbhadra Massacre, Priyanka Gandhi is detained after being stopped from meeting the aggrieved family; she was not allowed to meet them.The story earlier: 

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra was detained in Narayanpur by Police. She was on her way to meet victims of firing case in Sonbhadra where section 144 has been imposed. 

The UP police shoved her away and she was taken yesterday afternoon to another destination and the Congress UP secretary says that since then, even after 24 hours she is still there.

Responding to media's query if she has been arrested Priyanka Gandhi Vadra said, "Yes, we still won't be cowed down. We were only going peacefully to meet victim families(of Sonbhadra firing case). I don't know where are they taking me, we are ready to go anywhere.'The incident has taken a political turn after there is a verbal spat on the twitter of major politicians.

Early Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, Congress General Secretary for Uttar Pradesh East met the injured in the firing over a land dispute in Sonbhadra on July 17.Apart from meeting the family members, Priyanka is also expected to visit the place of the incident.According to the police, nine people were killed in the firing.

On the day of the incident, she had criticised the state government over the law and order situation.Taking to Twitter, she had said, "In the BJP ruled state, the confidence of criminals is so high that broad day-light killings are continuously happening. The killing of 9 Gond tribesmen, including 3 women, by the land mafia in Umbha village of Sonbhadra is heart-wrenching. Administration and Chief Minister are all sleeping. Is this how the state will be crime-free?"The incident took place in Ubbha village of Ghorawal where the village head went to take possession of his land purchased two years ago. However, he met with opposition from the villagers which triggered the firing allegedly by his aides leading to the deaths.

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