Sonam Kapoor's 'Mahabharat' fight with Aamir Khan

New Delhi, Dec 19: It was a big news for all Aamir Khan fans that his next project will be Mahabharata. All Aamir Khan's friends know that he has always wanted to be a part of this pic drama. But it seems that Sonam Kapoor has moved a step forward faster than Aamir Khan.  
 Sonam Kapoor is very soon coming out with two beautiful bestseller adaptations, Anuja Chauhan’s Battle For Bittora and Krishna Udayasankar’s Govinda. 
Govinda is the first part of the three-part series ‘Aryavarta Chronicles’ which is modern retelling of Mahabharata. The three books in the series are Govinda, Kaurava, and Kurukshetra which collectively make the chronicle. Talking about both the adaptations, Sonam said, “Both (Battle For Bittora and Govinda) can be made into films, and I’m going to do it.” I don’t know which character I will essay, but it’s Indian mythology, which is spectacular and has a lot of potential.”
So does that mean that the two stars are locking their horns? Well not really as Aamir Khan's project get a vrey uniqu and the best treatment as this is exactly why he is called Mr Perfectionist.