Soha shoots with Sharmila Tagore for TV show

Mumbai:Actress Soha Ali Khan has turned host for the television show "The Great Indian Home Makeover". She shot its first episode with her mother and veteran actress Sharmila Tagore at Pataudi Palace near Gurgaon city in Haryana. The concept of the show revolves around decorating houses with wallpapers created by a well known paints brand. "It is very easy to shoot in your own house, but shooting with Amma (Tagore) is a different question, especially to arrange a makeover because she is a difficult customer to please. We were especially nervous to work with her," Soha said. However, the end result, she said, was "beautiful". Talking about the experience, Soha said: "Pataudi is our home and obviously we are very emotional about it, and putting up a wallpaper there for the first time was a big step for my mother. It was challenging to work in that space but I enjoyed it a lot." Soha also said that her brother and actor Saif Ali Khan and his wife Kareena Kapoor Khan are currently renovating the palace. So, she was scared to ask her mother about the show's idea, but then the producer of the show convinced Sharmila about it. Did Saif like the makeover? "It is very personal to him and both of them (also Kareena) have loved it... Which is a big relief." Except for the episode featuring the Pataudi Palace, the rest of the episodes have been shot in Mumbai. What does Soha prefer -- acting or hosting?  "My first love is acting, but hosting was a different kind of fun, you interact with different people and there is a surprise element in it," she said.