So sad..No Kapil Sharma Show on Sunday

Mumbai: It was written on the wall, and it has happened. Dr Mashoor Gulati is on his own and he will now be competing with Kapil Sharma. For now, after a short interruption, Sunil Grover will be back on TV as Dr Mashoor Gulati and Rinku Bhabhi, but not on Kapil's show.

The two have separated, and it's final that two are not coming together. This was evident when the two were shooting in the same area and no attempts were made by either side to patch up. Kapil was shooting for his show with Raveena Tandon and other crew members of the new show 'Sabse Bada Kalakar'. Sunil was shooting for grand finale of 'Indian Idol, where for the last time he will be seen as Rinku Bhabhi and Dr Mashoor Gulati.        

Sunil is likely to get another show soon, and on weekends may Kapil head on. On April 1, Sunil Grover is doing a live show at Delhi's Talkatora Stadium as Dr Mashoor Gulati. Giving hints of his own show, Sunil has said that he now plans to do only live shows.


Meanwhile, this Sunday The Kapil Sharma Show will remain off air due to telecast of Indian Idol grand finale.