Smriti's tweet to YouTube sensation goes viral, Superwoman tells her 'Bawse'

New Delhi: You are not the only one who is unable to keep pace with the latest internet lingo and slangs. The high and mighty too are in a fix and zapped by these slangs, and many don't understand them at all.  

Recently, Union Minister Smriti Irani was stumped by her 13-year old with 'Bawse', a word popularised by comedian and YouTube sensation Lilly Singh. This YouTube celebrity is better know as 'Superwoman'.

Unable to understand what the kid was talking about, Irani shared her experience on Twitter  "You know you are old when your 13 year old says 'Bawse' and you say 'Whatttt?????'" She tagged 'Superwoman' in her tweet, and shared a picture of the Lilly's book, title of which, includes the confusing word.

The YouTube sensation's response was prompt-Link of video where is seen explaining the meaning of 'Bawse'. Watch and add it to your vocab!